About Pharmex Direct

Pharmex Direct is a Canadian pharmacy unlike any other – specializing in long-term or maintenance medications, we strive to provide quality care, convenience and savings through our highly qualified pharmacy team in Oakville, Ontario.

Pharmex Direct is fully accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Our pharmacists are duly licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and are easily accessible for confidential counseling by telephone.

Since it was established in 1992, Pharmex has provided the highest levels of care with a low dispensing fee and free delivery of prescription medications anywhere in Ontario.

About Pharmex Direct

A full service pharmacy

Quality Care

Without the distraction of a front store, our pharmacists are focused entirely on dispensing your prescription. Medication counseling occurs via telephone from the privacy and comfort of your home.


you can order your medication either through email, our website, toll free number or mobile app. We offer free delivery to you home or workplace. For all medication and most locations in Ontario, delivery occurs within 24-48 hours using track able delivery service.


You can benefit from our low dispensing fees of $7.99 and free shipping. When you choose Pharmex, you will receive 90 days of medication (unless instructed otherwise) for just one dispensing fee.

Specialty Care

with our expertise in the insurance industry we work with you to get the best available coverage for specialty and expensive medications including “patient support programs”

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