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Aging is commonly associated with a gradual decline in cognitive abilities and memory – it is not unusual for the memory to begin to decline from around the age of 30. So many people are familiar with the phenomenon of age-related memory loss that it has become almost a standing joke. It is widely assumed that this decline is inevitable – but recent research offers hope that this decline can be slowed, or even arrested.

On a more serious note, some people develop various forms of dementia, including senile dementia, chronic cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and multi-infarct dementia. All of these cause a far more severe decline in memory and other cognitive functions. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder in which progressive brain cell failure leads to fewer “messengerâ€? chemicals circulating in the brain. Alzheimer’s slowly destroys memory, the ability to reason, communicate, learn, and even carry out normal daily activities. The cause is unknown, although genetic and lifestyle factors both seem to play a role. There is no cure, but drugs are prescribed in an attempt to reduce symptoms – usually with limited success. This is where SISU’s Memory Caps come in.

How SISU Memory Caps Helps
SISU Memory Caps contain Idebenone, which is a variation of Co Q10, a co-enzyme and powerful antioxidant. However, Idebenone has beneficial properties not shared by Co Q10. For example, research indicates it may have the ability to increase the levels of nerve growth factor in the brain. Idebenone has been clinically proven to support memory and cognitive skills in normal, healthy, aging people. For example, in one clinical test, Idebenone supplementation resulted in significant cognitive improvement in elderly patients with mild cognitive decline in just 90 days.

In addition, many people develop problems with their circulation as they age – cardiovascular and circulatory disorders are among the most common diseases of aging. These disorders lead to decreased blood supply to the brain – which in turn impairs cognitive functions and memory. Idebenone has also been proven to improve memory and cognitive functions in these patients.

Idebenone also helps those dealing with other illnesses that target cognitive function. Its efficacy in supporting memory and cognitive function has been demonstrated in people with a range of serious ailments – including senile dementia, chronic cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and multi-infarct dementia. All of these are age-associated cognitive impairments, and all have been shown to be alleviated by Idebenone. Symptoms alleviated include recent memory, remote memory, attention, orientation, vigilance and verbal understanding.

In particular, the results of research on Idebenone supplementation for Alzheimer’s patients have been so encouraging that researchers have been moved to say that Idebenone may control the natural progression of the deterioration patients usually suffer, and may promote active recovery, up to a certain point, of previous levels of competence. Moreover, there was no loss of effectiveness after a prolonged therapeutic period. Finally, safety and tolerance were good, even after prolonged treatment. All of this has been demonstrated in multicentre, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, parallel trials. As the researchers concluded:

\”Idebenone had a clear anti-dementia activity\”
\”Idebenone exerts its beneficial therapeutic effects on the course of the disease by slowing down its progression.\”

The science is clear: people with Alzheimer’s are likely to find that SISU Memory Caps will help to reduce their symptoms. Some may even be able to reverse some of the deterioration in cognitive function that they have suffered. In addition, people hoping to slow the decline in memory function that so often accompanies the aging process are very likely to benefit from SISU Memory Caps.

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